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Ngã wawata tõ tãtou hapori
The aspirations of our community:

We are a community of friends, motivated to spread our love for God with everyone.

We believe that God’s love is abundant, open-hearted and readily available to all people.

We aim to create a hospitable Christian community in which people of all ages, abilities, cultures, faith traditions, sexual orientations, genders, and socio-economic situations are included as equally valued participants.

We cherish our diversity, and offer a safe place of belonging to anyone who wishes to explore their beliefs in an atmosphere that encourages discussion, nurtures relationships and supports spiritual growth.

We enjoy worshipping God, made known to us through Jesus of Nazareth, endeavouring to do so in ways that both honour and explore our faith traditions.

We seek to be good neighbours and to live our faith in ways that are relevant to our daily lives.

We are open to dialogue and shared experiences with people of other faiths, and honour the richness that comes from diversity.

We respect that we live in Aotearoa, and so we value the special place of Mãori culture and tikanga.

We endeavour to provide enjoyable and safe experiences for young people, which offer opportunities for personal growth and consciousness raising.

We strive to model a Christian message that is concerned with human need, challenges unjust structures, and cares for our environment.

We celebrate being human in the knowledge that God dwells within our humanity and
delights when we live humanely and lovingly.

Our vision is to love God and to love all that God loves.


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